So, what is this fabulous business?

I’m betting it’s one you never thought could have the earning potential I’m talking about. You might be thinking that kind of money requires a small fortune to start up and operate, a team of employees and years of training before ever hoping to see a profit. Or maybe it would require working seven days a week morning to night. Not so my friend.

This is a landscaping niche market that requires a minimal amount of training to enter and very little equipment. This market seems to have an endless demand. I work approximately 40 weeks out of the year, Monday through Friday. I could easily work more, but I choose not to.

I am usually booked three weeks out, and I routinely must turn down additional work because I am so busy. I have owned and operated a successful landscaping company since 2015 and the business has consistently grossed over $90,000 year after year.

In my training guide, I will tell you step by step how to:

• Set up your business entity
• Find leads effectively with minimal effort
• Construct a bid
• Price your work
• Interact and negotiate with potential customers
• Accept electronic and credit card payments
• Save on material costs obtaining commercial pricing
• Leverage various advertising sources at minimal cost

I literally explain and coach you through each step, using language that is easy to understand, from start to finish. When you are done, you will have my exact business model. It’s as simple as do this, now do this, if this happens, do this.

This is not about mowing lawns!

I will share hard won, real world knowledge. I will tell you the specifics like who to use for credit card processing, how to get commercial pricing on materials, and which specific low-cost advertising to use.

I will teach you how to advertise exactly as I have.

Incidentally, the advertising methods I use have helped me gross over a half million dollars. It has been far more effective than the flyers, and newspaper ads my competition uses. In fact, some of my competitors use the same advertising sources that I use, just must less effectively. Some have even used local market television ads. My ad methodology is far less expensive and much more effective and, it only dents my revenue flow for 2% of my gross revenue each year.

I will walk you through real life customer interactions based on my own experience. All the nuances from the initial phone call, to meeting with the customer, what to charge, billing, handling slow paying customers, and how to present yourself in a professional manner. I share everything. Once you know the process, it really is just a matter of rinse and repeat.

This is not mowing: You could stack up a mountain of mowing clients following this same process, and I did. I chose to get rid of close to 100 mow accounts because the margins were too low, the equipment too expensive, and the time commitment was too much. They were, in effect, costing me more money than they were worth. The $90,000+ per year revenue figure is for low skilled landscaping and does not include any mowing.

No large financial commitment is needed: I literally started with a truck, weed trimmer, tarp, broom, gloves, and a gas can. I was booking $300 - $600 jobs left and right. I went into the business with the goal of making the business pay for itself while it was paying me.

YOU CAN DO THIS: I was a 40-year-old, out of shape, computer professional chained to a desk and I got very tired of watching highly experienced co-workers being laid off multiple times a year for a decade; always wondering if I was next.

I also wanted to see the sun longer than my infrequent 30-minute lunch breaks! I love being outdoors. Aside from tending my garden, running a weed trimmer, and using a chainsaw a handful of times in my life, I had almost no experience with this type of work. The landscaping is simple enough that I have had 14-year-old kids catch on quickly.

Other people have already used my exact same method: I have a proven track record of success with the sources and methods I can teach you. I have shared my business model with friends who have also been successful and they themselves are constantly overloaded with work. Our biggest challenge each year is figuring out how to complete all the work we have scheduled! We routinely offer each other bids because we are booked so far in advance.

What’s the catch? I know everybody selling a business methodology claims huge earnings potential and yes, you should be skeptical. In fact, before starting my own business, I tried to purchase an existing landscaping company for $12,000! It was disheartening when that fell through, but it was the absolute best thing that could have happened to me. I had to do it my way, and it worked!

I was so inundated with work after just a few short weeks that I was already turning bids away. My biggest worry was trying to figure out how I was going to get everything I had booked finished while I was still working my full-time tech job. Well, I left my cubicle graveyard years ago, and I am still just as buried with customers. I probably turned down close to $30,000 in work just this last year.

I’m not selling Unicorns: Manual labor can be tough. This is sweat inducing, get a great tan, ready for dinner type of work. You must be self-motivated, see the work through to completion, and run a disciplined business.

I truly feel for the people who do this work, day-after-day, yet only earn $12 an hour. I imagine that is why many choose to learn a trade or go to college. If those same folks knew what I am offering, they might never leave a profession that pays $50 to $100 per hour on a schedule that they control.

You will have unexpected things happen, such as rain, or a flat tire, or locking the keys in your truck. You may run out of weed trimmer string, forget to bring the gas can, and you may even need to go back to fix a job that didn’t turn out right. I can honestly say I haven’t for a second wished I was sitting back in that cubicle all day!

Is it worth $49.95 to purchase? Knowing how much success I have had, I would of gladly written someone a $10,000 check back in 2015 to share a complete step by step process that had produced $90k in revenue year after year. That is not an exaggeration.

Believe me. Long before I went down this road, I looked. I know of no other training manual, apprenticeship, or college course that I can buy for $49.95  and immediately have the ability to earn $50 - $100 per hour. Remember, I was ready to invest $12,000 of my personal savings to buy an existing business that was little more than a trailer and a client list which produced much less revenue.

I get it, I was much younger at the time. But I’ve faced the impossible decision between paying for a car repair or having my electricity turned off. However, I haven’t bid a job under $125 for the last 4 years. I could realistically fly into any city in America and expect to earn the cost of this manual many times over within the first week.

Am I worried about too much competition? Heck no. I hope everyone follows my same process! There is an incredible amount of work out there. My company is in a medium size Midwestern city with a population of about 500k. In my metro area there are close to 2000 lawn and landscape companies with hundreds of them starting and stopping each year.

I created this with you in mind: I believe this manual will help many of you to start living life on your own terms. Nothing would make me happier than to find out someone making minimum wage for a boss they hate can now earn a very nice living after following my plan. It would be fantastic to know that a young adult can do this work during the summers so he or she can focus on their college courses the rest of the year without having to work full or part time. Heck, if nothing else, this could be a phenomenal part time job.

Or, maybe, like I was, you are working way too many hours stuck at a desk in a windowless room. Stressed out to the max, counting the seconds before you have to return and endure it all over again. No thanks, no more. It is hard to put into words what a profound improvement I experienced in my quality of life since I began running my own business.

I feel like I’m actually living. I haven’t had to miss any of my kid’s games or activities. I rarely work on the weekends. I have a substantial amount of free time during the winter. I don’t work any holidays I’m not willing to. It’s all been such a blessing.

I found a path to happiness! I hope you join me. As it turns out, sometimes the grass is actually greener. God Bless, and I wish you success in everything you do.

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